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The Process

Thank you for visiting our website.

Our goal is to educate and empower you the consumer with the knowledge and assistance necessary to complete a positive automotive purchase experience. You have already completed the first step by visiting our site.

Fill Out Our Questionnaire

Please take a moment to fill out the brief questionnaire listed under the "Get Started" tab found throughout the website. The information you provide is for the sole purpose of allowing our Independent Automotive Advocates (IAA's) to utilize their knowledge and connections to assist you with the fulfillment of your next automotive purchase. All questions have been designed with the intent of saving consumers both time and money.

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Answer a few questions to find the perfect associate to help you on your car buying journey!

Meet With Your IAA

Upon receipt of your filled out questionnaire your file will be assigned to either the home office or if applicable an IAA located in your area. In the event the home office is assigned to your file most all arrangement on your behalf will be made via telephone and or email. If an Independent Automotive Advocate resides in your local area you will have the choice of utilizing their services in person. Home office services will include all the necessary research and pre in dealership arrangements required to ensure you not only receive a fair deal but a quality experience as well.

Choose Your Services

You will be contacted for a short Q & A session as well as provided with the applicable services available for hire. Our very responsible fee based advocate services are generally considered a small investment in self which more often than not save consumers both time and or money and in most cases a little of both. Our program was designed by seasoned industry professionals who speak the automotive lingo and understand the desires of both the consumer as well as the dealers. We consider a fair deal to exist when both consumers and suppliers create relationships where both parties end up satisfied.

Your IAA Works For You

Upon the hiring of either the Independent Automotive Advocate or by the home office your agreed upon services will commence. As mentioned prior the answers to the short questionnaire should help dictate the process.

If any changes occur as to your desired needs and wants please share that information ASAP so the proper focus will be adjusted in a timely manner. At anytime throughout the process please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish. If you do not fully understand any part of the process or what is being articulated to you please ask your Advocate for additional clarification.

What our customers say

  • Andy B
    I feel great about my experience with We Help You Buy they are like Realtors for the auto industry. My advocate was proficient in the special needs and motoring mobility field which was great for me as a Disabled Veteran.
    Andy B
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Maggie M
    Because of where I work I'm eligible to receive special pricing on services from both We Help You Buy Cars as well as various automotive manufactures. What a great way to save both time and money!
    Maggie M
    Indian Rocks Beach, Florida
  • Joe K.
    After 20 plus years in the automotive sales and finance industry I can truly testify that becoming an Independent Automotive Advocate via the We Help You Buy Marketing Platform was the best decision for not only me however, my family as well. I'm literally utilizing my knowledge and their platform to run my own business on my own operating schedule. I thoroughly enjoy helping others. (I'm bilingual as well I speak both English & Spanish)
    Joe K.
    Northern Illinois
  • Martin Rhino Sr
    On the behalf of consumers We help You Buy combines what you know with who you know better than any other automotive purchase program I've ever seen. Every auto shopper should consider utilizing the service. I'm here to help create better purchase experiences!
    Martin Rhino Sr
    25 year Chicago Land Area Automotive Professional
  • Renee & Ashley G.
    Finding the right vehicle at the best price was imperative towards helping my daughter with her first automotive purchase. Our Advocate educated and assisted us throughout the entire process. As a recent college graduate affordability, quality and safety were at the top of our wants and needs requirements. Thanks to our extremely knowledgeable and well connected advocate it was mission accomplished!
    Renee & Ashley G.
    Tampa Bay Area
  • B. Johnson
    I feel great about my experience with We Help You Buy they are like Realtors for the auto industry. My advocate was proficient in the special needs and motoring mobility field which was great for me as a Disabled Veteran.
    B. Johnson
    Chicago, Illinois
  • J & D Clay
    I'm very research orientated so I knew what vehicle I wanted however, I do not like to negotiate pricing. That's why I love We Help You Buy they did it for me. My life is so active that I'd prefer spending free time with family and friends rather than hanging out all day at a dealership.
    J & D Clay
    Knoxville , Tennessee
  • T & C  Cook
    My Independent Automotive Advocate was great! We told him what we were looking for and he did all the legwork. He helped us save time and money by finding us all the rebates and special financing we qualified for. Best Dealership experience we've ever had. The small investment in self is highly recommended!
    T & C Cook
    Yankeetown, Florida
  • J. Seda
    Martin Rhino Sr. was extremely knowledgeable of the automotive industry and provided such a fun experience he kept me laughing the whole time. His connections without question saved me precious time and a great deal of hard earned money. I highly recommend utilizing We Help You Buy
    J. Seda
    Waukegan, Illinois
  • Jordan J.
    I gave my Advocate a budget under 20K and he found me my dream car. The vehicle only had 7000 miles and although it was pre-owned it was a current model year with a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty. Not bad for a single lady on a budget.
    Jordan J.
    St. Petersburg, Florida
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