Today's Current Crisis

As a result of today's current health crisis the need for a heightened standard in complete automotive continual 24/7 antimicrobial protection has never been greater! Most vehicles when purchased from reputable automobile dealers have some form of appearance protection packages that concentrate on the vehicles paint, dents, tires and windshields, which by the way is highly recommended for protecting your investment. That's great for the vehicles resale value however, what does that do to truly protect the owners and their passengers physical well being?

PermaSafe Protects

PermaSafe is a unique Revolutionary, EPA Registered Antimicrobial Surface protectant that safely and continuously eliminates passenger cabin germs, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. PermaSafe's one time application process is rapidly becoming the go to product for permanent, perpetual antimicrobial surface & Air protection and much more...

Authorized by
General Motors

In an effort to help create consumer confidence, jump start the economy and to demonstrate to potential buyers that General Motors cares about their consumers health and well being they have taken the following measures. PermaSafe, as of March 2020, has become the new standard authorized by General Motors to be utilized by all of their automotive dealerships across the United States.


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